As an Artisan I would describe myself as a simple woodworker - I love to make things that are useful and functional.

However, in reality I’m more than just a simple woodworker; my business and my life for the last eight years has been handcrafting Shaker oval boxes and carriers. So you could say that I’m part artisan, part businessman and 100% Shaker Box enthusiast.

My fascination with wood began when I was in Junior High School. I couldn't wait for the next shop class to come around. For me there was, and is, no greater pleasure than taking a shaving from a piece of pine with a freshly sharpened hand plane.

After high school, I continued to advance in both skill and educational training, finishing my training at the college level and becoming a master woodworker.

It was at that time that I discovered Shaker boxes and carriers. They are elegant and practical, functional and decorative, traditional and contemporary at the same time.

Today, I am fortunate to be able to work with some on the finest woods available: cherry, walnut, and birds eye maple. I’ve created literally thousands of pieces of beautiful wood and yet each day I remain fascinated by the fact that each piece was created naturally.

I hope that you will purchase one of our Shaker boxes and carriers. And that my love and enthusiasm for them will also infect you.

Their habits of order are, in many things, carried to the extreme. The first bell for their meals rings for all to repair to their chambers, from which, at the ringing of the second bell, they descend to the eating-room. Here, all take their appropriate places at the tables, and after locking their hands on their breasts, they drop on their knees, close their eyes, and remain in this position about two minutes. Then they rise, seat themselves, and with all expedition swallow their food; then rise on their feet, again lock their hands, drop on their knees, close their eyes, and in about two minutes rise and retire. Their meals are taken in silence, conversation being prohibited. From "A Lowell Mill Worker Visits the Shakers"

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